Campaign Against Child Sacrifice 2017


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Miss Uganda UK™ has partnered with Jubilee Campaign UK to raise awareness about child sacrifice in Uganda; a barbaric practice that seems to be on the increase in Uganda and Africa driven by superstition, exploitation, witchcraft and extreme poverty. The campaign is also lobbying for the president and speaker of the parliament of Uganda to introduce laws that can protect children from this crime.



Miss Uganda UK 2012/13 Queen Miss Gladys Kyotungire first launched the campaign in Uganda in 2013 an it's still going strong. The 2016 campaign to raise awareness of child sacrifice aimed to change attitudes and influence public opinion in Uganda. We are convinced this is an effective way to make a long term impact to end this gruesome crime against children.

This initiative was led by Gladys and Miss Uganda UK 2015/16 Queen Miss Natasha Mutebi. Gladys and Natasha took the message to thousands of students in primary and secondary schools, engaged with teachers and head teachers, worked with Ugandan parliamentarians and community leaders to reach some of the most affected districts. The team’s activities were widely covered on social media, television and newspapers. They visited schools in Kasangati, Kampala, Setta, Mukono and Bujjoko. Gladys and Natasha reached 9532 Children in 21 days!


“Children and parents live in fear of kidnap and murder. Innocent children’s body parts are cut off and used in ritual ceremonies in the belief that they will be consumed by spirits in exchange for good health, riches, success or solve other problems,” read a statement from Jubilee Campaign UK who were delighted to have the additional voice of Miss Uganda UK™ to their campaign.

2017 Campaign 

CASC17 Red

Miss Uganda UK 2016/17 Miss Bridget Katungi is the new face and voice of the Campaign Against Child Sacrifice

The aim of the campaign is to continue making awareness in the community encouraging active involvement by each and every one under the theme: "Every Child is Your Child", educate children about what child sacrifice is since they are the victims yet in most cases they are not aware of how they can protect themselves and why this kind of this happens.the aim to make awareness and a hope to end child sacrifice through uniting the people of Uganda with the same vision: To Say No to Child Sacrifice, we believe that everyone in their capacity has a part to play and if we can all do our bit the goal will be achieved for a better Uganda.

CACS Art and Writing Challenge

This year's plan is to empower the children using their own ideas through the CACS Art and Writing Challenge. The aim of this competition is to engage, educate and provide a platform for the young citizen of Uganda to contribute to the success of this campaign while they learn more about the vice to be better protectors of themselves from the predators that seek their innocent lives, also with a hope that they will all be ambassadors for the cause in the nation until child sacrifice is no more in Uganda. We will reward the participants or best performers with:

  • Term Bursaries 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (Full, half and quarter bursary respectively)
  • All participants will be recognised with a certificate of participation.

If you'd like to support our 2017 Campaign Against Child Sacrifice by either purchasing our 2016 Grand Finale DVD for £10 or CACS T-shirt £10 (+ P&P)







cacs17smallMiss Uganda UK™ invites you to our 2017 Campaign Against Child Sacrifice Fundraiser and Awareness event on Saturday, 1st April 2017 at Youth for Human Rights Interational, 146 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4BY from 2pm - 5pm. Hosted by Miss Uganda UK 2016/17 Bridget Katungi.

Bridget and the team will be travelling to Uganda from 8th April to 8th May 2017 to continue to raise awareness about child sacrifice in Uganda.

Come and see the work Miss Uganda UK™ in partnership with the Jubilee Campaign UK have been doing over the years, and find out about this year's campaign mandate and how you can support the cause. The afternoon will include some light entertainment and raffle draws.
This is a free event with complimentary snacks and drinks served.




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