2016 Judges Panel




Jose Hendo is a designer who produces high-end fashion products using unique, popular, reclaimed, organic and other eco-friendly fabrics. Apart from promoting the use of eco textiles like organic and recycled materials the designer also supports ethical trading, and raising awareness about environmental issues raised by the fashion industry. In 2016 the label was awarded a Good Brand Award by Sublime magazine. José Hendo was also featured in their July 2016 issue in the article titled “7 who are changing the fashion industry”.

Bark to the Roots (B2TR) is an initiative to promote the use of barkcloth globally in the modern world, anchored in the ethos of the sustainable development goals, reminding us to preserve both our heritage and the environment. It endeavours to bring together people who are working with barkcloth in different and innovative ways, including those who harvest it and those who are using it. B2TR aims at saving the barkcloth heritage that is recognised by UNESCO. It is supporting a campaign to plant 1 million mutuba trees to increase the sustainability of the practice.

Website: www.josehendo.com


Samuel Olara

Samuel Olara is human rights advocate who has published numerous articles advocating for the protection of the rights of war victims particularly in Uganda and the Great Lakes Regions.  He is also the editor of Acholi Times, a on-line publication that features news, opinions and views from various parts of northern Uganda.   Mr Olara works in Local Government and he is also a community leader with the Diaspora community in the UK.




Samantha is a Uganda born British History graduate who works closely in Uganda. Her work transcends countries working in Uganda and the UK. Being a manager at the National Citizen Service she works to integrate young people in London with new cultures - breaking boundaries. Inspiring the youth to become active citizens within their community through volunteering and campaigning for issues effecting society.

Using her professional experience, roots and passion for youth empowerment has allowed her to set up AFFCAD UK. An organization that empowers vibrant students in the heart of Uganda’s largest slum. Her work with AFFCAD a small grassroots organisation provides vocational training and free primary school education for those in need. In partnership with Europe Union, AFFCAD are set to make great strides in educating the growing youth population in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

As a judge Samantha, will be looking for contestants that capture the true elegancy of British Ugandans


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